Once we know God, then what?

We trust God of course! What does it mean to trust God? I guess the real question would be, what does it mean to trust another person? In the Webster’s New World Dictionary is defines trust as “1a) firm belief in the honestly, reliability, etc, of another, faith.” It also states that to trust means ‘to be confident in.’

So in order for us to trust God, we must have faith in Him, that He is, that He cares, that He listens and that we can trust His word or the scriptures. We have to trust and believe that God will fulfill His promises that He’s made to us, that He loves us enough to send His son like it says in John 3:16 not to condemn the world but to save the world. God isn’t going to force anybody to believe in Him and to trust Him though, it’s a choice that we have to make and that we choose to make by our every day actions. God really does want us to be happy and the only way that we can truly do that is by following the example of His son. That’s why Christ came to the earth, to live and to be our perfect example but also to die so that we may overcome our pain, our guilt, our shame, and find peace, rest, and joy. What a marvelous plan.

I know that to trust God and to have faith in Him, we must respect Him and what He has done. They call this Godly fear. We can fear God, respect and reverence Him, but not be afraid of Him. The other kind of fear is the fear that overcomes our faith and keeps us from coming closer to our Heavenly Father. Sinning destroys our confidence that God loves us and teaches us to be afraid of Him. Hence when Adam sinned, the first response he had was to fear. He was afraid of seeing God because he knew he was in trouble. It’s amazing to me how Heavenly Father is repeatedly telling us to fear not. When angels come to visit men, the first words they say are generally “fear not” Don’t be afraid of heavenly things but move closer to them. How powerful is that.

What do you think it means to trust God?


3 thoughts on “Once we know God, then what?

  1. Jordan Catron says:

    Wow Sister Ivie this is great. Thank you for all the inspiring words!!!

  2. I love the scripture “Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” I would say total trust in God would be following that scripture as best as we can.

    Great post! Keep it up!

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