Beyond Limits

Everybody has there own relationship with God and I’ve been thinking a lot about my own. As a missionary I’ve been greatly privileged to hear descriptions about others relationship with God and sometimes I’m not going to lie, I get a little bit jealous. So as I’ve been dwelling on my own relationship with God and how it needs to improve, I’ve been thinking about why my relationship with God isn’t as good as I would like it to be and I’ve figured out why. I have been limiting my own relationship with God. He wants to be my Father and He wants for me to rely on Him more heavily but I haven’t been relying on Him. It goes back to that trust in Heavenly Father and I talked about last time. It’s a relationship that is still in development but one thing that has occurred to me is how I need to invite the Holy Ghost more into my life.

In order for us to have a better relationship with God we have to open ourselves and our hearts to Him. We need to be listening to the still small voice of the Spirit and when we do that, wonderful things will happen. If we are listening for that still small voice that’s been discussed, we can be directed by God. Unfortunately if we’re not listening for that direction from God then we close ourselves off from having a better relationship with Him. It’s like having an open highway of communication and then placing a brick wall on our side of the highway because we’re not going in the direction that He would have us go. Because we are then restricting our communication with God, we are then limiting our own personal growth as well.

I think it’s pretty arrogant of us to limit the power of God in our lives and also in the world around us by saying that He will  no longer speak to us today. Yes we can have a relationship with Him but that He wouldn’t again call a prophet on the Earth. Where does it ever say that God doesn’t care for us enough today to speak to us and why wouldn’t He use the same means as He has in the past, by calling a prophet again on the Earth. That is how He has always worked in the past and it only makes sense that because God is the same yesterday, today and forever that He would once again call a prophet on the Earth has he has done.  He cares for us as much today as He has in the past and we only limit our relationship with Him by not listening or using the gifts and the means that we have already been given.  I’m just grateful that we can go beyond the limits, break the brick wall, and have that very personal and real relationship with God.